NexGen Teknokraft Sdn Bhd was founded by Mr Yap Hong Own in 1995. In the past, Hong spent considerable time consulting and working for numerous firms.

He noticed that IT people, among others, tend to view a company’s size by the number of employees, or “users”, or computer “nodes”. They may not realise that a company can generate RM 10 million annually per employee. As a result, a call to a large IT consulting firm to fix a printer problem may produce a junior technician two days later.

The large consulting firm simply doesn’t understand the importance or the cost of these “small” technical problems. Sometimes a firm realises this and attempts to fix it by using a smaller consulting group. Often, however, these smaller companies just don’t have the expertise or experience to deal with the high expectations of these clients or their global systems.

NexGen Teknokraft provide the best of both extremes. All clients are very important. Telephone response time from a qualified consultant is almost always within one hour and usually within minutes, 24 hours per day, 364 days per year. On-site response time is usually less than four hours. We also have proven experience to comfortably handle projects to the national level. We are developing a reputation in Kuala Lumpur such that we have expanded into performing specialised projects and providing general IT services to all business.

For project work, we offer consulting in its purest form. We analyse, plan, implement, document and hand over operations to internal IT. We do not burrow into the client business and create a dependency on our services. We do not believe in becoming an imbedded expense. Alternatively for small and remote office support, we make IT invisible such that the computer users or CTO never have to think about us.

Our Consultants

Yap Hong Own has 18 years of IT experience; is an experienced and trained IT project manager (PM); and is a technical specialist in Microsofts Active Directory (AD), Citrix MetaFrame, and automated desktop rollouts.

Other technical skills include networking, Internet connectivity, AS/400, MailSweeper, RSA/SecurID, Microsoft Back and Front Office products. Previously, Hong was a corporate IT PM for national infrastructure projects. This ensures that he understands what customers require and expect for project reporting and tracking.

All of our consultants have extensive experience in a wide range of financial applications. While experience and professionalism are our key strengths, we also maintain current industry certifications.


* Microsoft MCSE, Windows 2000
* Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA)
* NetWare 5 CNE
* IBM Certified AS/400 Associate System Operator
* RSA SecurID Certified Systems Engineer
* Compaq ASE Pro in Network Management, High Availability, and Primary StorageWorks
* Legato 6.X Administrator